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Hey Everyone!

Now you can download KMP Version 3.6 (Build No. from OUR HOMEPAGE!!

< File Into >
FileSize: 32,642,064 Bytes
CRC-32: 011aab76
MD4: f714d99fc70a393c09a4ff3ab1254888
MD5: f9462783672919c8c10f3cce54e28071
SHA-1: b45c58575fac1e23883805355ad1122ec553d451

[3.6 Update List]

- Added Instant View.
- Fixed Denial Of Service PoC(PlayList M3U) - Provided by: Jigsaw (Abdelmorite), KISA
- Modified default use of Internal Splitter(AVI) for streaming(http, https, ftp).
- Fixed TS source filter error.
- Supports FTP server(UTF-8).

- Added https streaming function.
- Added Subtitle resync function. (Ctrl+Alt+[, Ctrl+Alt+])
- Improved seek speed of MKV, MP4, FLV.
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