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KMPlayer (o) - Complete and official form
KMplayer (x)
KM Player (x)
KM player (x)
KMPlayer (x) ---> KDE frontend for mplayer which has nothing to do with KMP
Korean Media Player (x)
Korea Multimedia Player(o)
KMP (o) - Abbreviation of K-Multimedia Player

K-Multimedia Player (o)
Kang Multimedia Player (X)

The KMPlayer is based upon MPlayer or KMPlayer (KDE) or VLC (x); KMP is basically a directshow application though it has an extended hybrid structure to use shipped decoders as a plugin (by wrapping it for the connection to directshow).

The KMPlayer uses the codec of MPlayer or VLC (x); Not exactly. Both MPlayer or VLC use a libavcodec library from FFmpeg project. The library is also used in ffdshow. What KMP uses is exactly a libavcodec library from FFmpeg, not the codec of anything. And KMP borrowed some GUI interfaces to configure the supported features of the library from ffdshow etc (very well organized form). The binary of the library can be replaced (libcodec.dll). The library name was changed due to the confliction with a directshow wrapper of libavcodec (ffdshow) which is registered to system. Originally, the player had used a libavcodec binary from Unified Codec Package of dTomoyo (famous codec package provider in Korea) before the confliction report.

Why is it possible to use some plugins of winamp?; The player simulates some APIs of the older version of winamp for making it possible to use the plugin of winamp. It is not 100% compatible. (Mainly focused on enabling input plugins) Personally, I don't use almost all winamp things about the plugin. (There are better ways.) The plugin structure of winamp is not so efficient as it must be loaded when launching the player even if it is not used. Recently, winamp changed many parts of the plugin structure resulting in the compatibility issues with KMP (It became hard to support due to the hidden parts).
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