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Why not include Real Decoders?

Because it is illegal. Do not force anything illegal to us.

According to RealNetworks, this codec pack is illegal, because RealMedia codecs are copyrighted by RealNetworks, and were not licensed by KL Software. According to Karl Lillevold of RealNetworks, KL Software simply re-packages RealNetworks' own DLLs and distributes them without permission.
Official comment from RealNetworks
Note that distributing so called codec packs, which is nothing but re-distribution of codec DLLs copyrighted by RealNetworks, and a few registry keys, is not allowed by the EULA (End-User License Agreement). Note that this is not unique for RealPlayer DLLs, most proprietary software products have this restriction.

As for the playback of Quicktime media, KMP does not nearly depend on Quicktime components recently.

BTW, refer to the following as for the detail things in regard with the playback of real media.

ps. The KMPlayer is not a codec package. So stop comparing it with K-Lite MPC etc. Because I can do the same thing like K-Lite KMP. Do you know it is really funny to mention such a thing? All directshow players will play anything with pre-installed codecs if there is a suitable splitter and decoder. It is not because of the specialties of any specified directshow based player but because of the fundmantal structure of directshow. For a general use, any kind of directshow players with ffdshow will be good enough to fit your purpose. Believe or not, KMP can do more things which is impossible with codec packages or ffdshow combinations.
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