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#6 | Link | HERE IS YOU SIMPLE 1MIN SOLUTION, Posted 03-16-2015 Quote
Took me 1min to search google for "DTS,AC3 audio codec" search a few of the links and find this
Just download and install.Then follow the first step and click that "All Disable" then click "External Audio Decoder" then click on "External Decoder Search".On the right of the new poped window pick AC3 and DTS ,after that just click "add after scan" . Then close the External Decoder/Filter Managment.Then for AC3 and DTS audio either pick "system defaulth" or "ac3filter".In the end should look something like this.

This worked for me and I did it all without any prior knowledge of the preferences for the audio codecs , so I think everyone can do this easy.Hope I was helpfull.