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I concur that the source of "Access Violation" on startup of The KMPlayer is due to the incompatibility of Winamp plug-ins (e.g., Enhancer v.0.17) with operating systems following Windows XP (Windows Vista/7).

Here are solutions that allowed me to properly play The KMPlayer WITH Enhancer v.0.17 Winamp plugin on Windows 7 without deleting any registry keys or running the application in XP mode.

Problem: The error message Access violation at address ######## in module 'gen_ml.dll. Read of address ########. occurs when attempting to open The KMPlayer WITH Enhancer v.0.17 Winamp plugin enabled.

Solution: Rename the file dsp_enh.dll in Local Disk (C:)/Program Files/The KMPlayer/PlugIns folder to dsp_enh1.dll.

This will allow the Enhancer plugin window to appear for temporary use until The KMPlayer is closed. However, plugin settings will not be saved, even if the application is run as an administrator. For a permanent solution, apply the Permissions setting (Solution 2) as outlined in the following situation below.

Reference: Leo's Lyrics Forums

Problem: The error message Error: Can't access registry information... appears at startup of The KMPlayer WITH Enhancer v.0.17 Winamp plug-in enabled.

Possible cause: The user does not have permission to read the registry entry for the Enhancer software.

Solution 1:
Right-click The KMPlayer application icon and select Run as administrator.

Solution 2 (Preferred):
Open Registry Editor (go to Start, type regedit in search bar; or go to Start > Accessories > Run, type regedit), press OK).

In Registry Editor, go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Ioscasoft. Right-click the Iocasoft folder and select Permissions...

In the security window dialog, under Group or user names:, click on Users, and check the boxes for Full control and Read (under Permissions for users).

Click OK. And exit the Registry Editor.

This will allow non-administrator users to read registry files associated with Iocasoft, which in this case is the Enhancer plugin. In other words, applying this Permission setting will remove the Error message upon opening The KMPlayer and save user settings for the plugin.

Reference: WINAMP.COM forums

Finally, I must stress the importance of choosing the correct output speaker configuration that best matches your speaker setup (see Preferences > Audio Processing > Resample/Output > Output, and choose your speaker configuration from the drop-down list). When playing audio files, although I could hear sound emitted from my speakers, I did not notice the Enhancer plugin effect until I chosed the correct speaker setup.
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