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#1 | Link | Network Planning Analyst, Posted 03-27-2019 Quote
They work with their team members to identify possible problems and areas that need improvement in the existing network infrastructure. Analysts evaluate, configure, and fix network infrastructure and services of their organization, such as routers, switches, LAN/WAN and wireless/wired systems. They need to be able to explain intricate problems concisely to the management.

Analysts multitask and prioritize issues as per business requirements. They help in developing technical standards, identifying and diagnosing new products, and troubleshooting issues. Analysts assess and recognize opportunities for network performance and improving service offerings. They stick to change control policies and courses of action.

Analysts continuously interact with the information technology team to make sure that they are familiar with the network support responsibilities. They are continuously in touch with IT and other teams to ensure that they are catering to customers’ needs.
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#2 | Link | Posted 2 Weeks Ago Quote
The primary difference is that one uses wires and the other uses not quite as many wires. A key differentiation is that wireless is an unbounded medium, which means it's not constrained like a wire is If you need someone to do your assignment for you. This poses considerable difficulties if the communication is meant to be private. You can easily secure a bounded medium with physical security. Remote requires multiple layers of encryption.
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