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Post problems you have when using kmp.
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#11 | Link | Posted 07-20-2006
"Capture as avi..."
Yes, but that is only doing a video of a video, not are making a new file and that is not what I meant. Making a screenshot is better in this case IMHO (I feel kind of funny, when I am telling you have more knowledge in this field )

You basicaly answered my question:
there would be no easy way to cut a part which you want.
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#12 | Link | Posted 07-20-2006
Hmm, the fuction of cutting utility other than vfw tool like virtualdub is almost same as that of kmp, "capture as avi...". In other words, such a cutting utilities are mostly decoding the video/audio frames and re-encoding internally with the full speed of the system. What I mean is that the operation is same in viewpoint of internal processing.

The different thing is that such tools generally do not show the display screen of decoding as it is not a player. And it does not decode as 1x speed. So if you want a low level tool which can cut ogm, you should find a tool which can open ogm as a unit of frames, like virtualdud mod(don't know exactly).

Just cutting is meaningless as it doesn't contain index which is necessary information for seeking. Both methods described above have the process of reconstructing an new index.
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#13 | Link | can't upload the avi file, Posted 02-18-2008
I used this program to make a DST.avi file from a rmvb file. It's 3.8mb. I want to attach it with my post to the tech support forum but always have a invalid file message. Please help!
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#14 | Link | Posted 02-21-2008
Originally Posted by fatcat View Post
DST.avi file from a rmvb file
The utility doesnt convert the file. So use the .rmvb also for the output file.
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#15 | Link | Cutting or splitting a video, Posted 07-20-2009
Dear all,
I'm not sure about the issue of splitting video we are talking about here.
But I can give you a hint, if you want to cut 'exactly' where it must be, use YOU TUBE Downloader from It's amazing, I use it in the last few months for converting, cutting
Its engine is ffmpeg which have a lot of filters and codecs buit-in and a lot of parameters you can use.
The only minus point is: all time unit is in seconds, so you have to calculate by yourself how many seconds you want to ripp off part of the videos. You can even extract only the sound / music from a video.
Matroska container is in progress but almost everything can be handled by this small utility.
I use it for converting all videos to MP4 for my iPhone, and it's fabulous! All sound in AAC format

Try it and enjoy
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