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Found a reproducible bug in kmp? Report it with detailed things.
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#1 | Link | [2008/07/29] Known bugs or Functional limitations, Posted 07-26-2008
Any threads started in this forum which report known bugs will be locked or deleted.

Known bugs

1. Always (while playing) on top does not work when KMP is launched over the application set to be on top.

2. The Installation Wizard not visible completely in large DPI.

3. Playback pause at startup when Play/Pause is configured on the left single click of mouse.

4. Subtitles are not displayed over the resolution of 2080. (delphi 2007 bug)

5. Duplication of album titles when the associated media is launched in Explorer or File manager.

6. Cannot capture a screenshot without KMP video transform filter in VMR9 renderless (vista64).

7. VMR7 Renderer (Windowed & Renderless) makes KMP exited when the playback is completed.

8. Natural sorting on folder or files loading.

Minor issues

1. Wrong tooltip on s/w saturation.

2. Uninstaller is shown in korean only.

3. Wildecard does not work in command line.

Functional limitations (it's not a bug)

1. Incomplete unicode support when playing ape or flac.

2. Washed out image with jpeg capture.

3. RTSP:// is not supported.
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