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Found a reproducible bug in kmp? Report it with detailed things.
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Join Date:  Sep 2009
Posts:  36
#1 | Link | Video freeze with EVR, Posted 10-15-2009 Quote
Using kmp 1435 and 1436 and EVR, system in sig below, video will often freeze while audio continues to play. This can happen with ALL video types but more common with high bitrate HD video, such as decrypted bluray mt2s files.

Using same config but with VMR9 renderless instead of EVR, no freezing.

Using version 1434, no freezing with EVR. However, no subtitle or pixel shader either. Using EVR CA with 1434 also results in freezing, but pixel shaders and subtitle work.


NO video freezing: EVR in 1434, VMR9 in any tested version (1434 and later)

Video freezing problem: EVR in 1435 and later, EVR CA in 1434 and later.

subtitle and pixel shaders work with EVR in 1435 and later. work with EVR CA in 1434 and later. Coincidence?

I hope this helps the devs track down this problem.

PS: since the video freezing seems more likely to happen when CPU usage is high, I tested it by running prime95 along side kmp. Sure enough, this soon causes the video to freeze with EVR. With VMR9, I may get dropped frames, and the sound may break up, but the video and sound keep playing (no freezing). When I stop prime95, with EVR, the video stays stuck; with VMR9, kmp recovers nicely and resumes playing normally, which is the way it should be.
AMD X2 3800+ @2.4ghz, nvidia 7600GT, 3G ram, Win7 RTM 32bit. latest kmp build.
Join Date:  Jun 2009
Posts:  20
#2 | Link | Posted 10-15-2009 Quote
I totally agree. EVR is not working in all releases after 1434.
The most powerful and future renderer is not working (default renderer in Vista and W7).
But Mixer overlay work!!.
Many people already reported this problem, also regarding DXVA.
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#3 | Link | Posted 10-17-2009 Quote
I have those freezing problems on Windows 7 X64
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Join Date:  Sep 2009
Posts:  36
#4 | Link | Posted 10-19-2009 Quote
have you guys tried the 2009-10-16 build? I did and EVR still freezes on win7. I looked at the modified date in the exe to make sure I do have the oct-16 version
AMD X2 3800+ @2.4ghz, nvidia 7600GT, 3G ram, Win7 RTM 32bit. latest kmp build.
Join Date:  Jun 2009
Posts:  20
#5 | Link | Posted 10-19-2009 Quote
Yes, i can confirm.
The bug still present also in build 1436 [16-oct-09].
No problem in EVR/CA, but the playback is jerky. The same file play fluid with MPC-HC in EVR and in EVR/CA.
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Join Date:  Jan 2007
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#6 | Link | Posted 11-07-2009 Quote
its a very ancient problem lets hope they fix it soon
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#7 | Link | Posted 11-07-2009 Quote
There is no "they".
Just one :/
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Join Date:  Mar 2007
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#8 | Link | Posted 12-07-2009 Quote
any new options to prevent the freezing???
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Join Date:  Nov 2008
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#9 | Link | Posted 12-20-2009 Quote

There is a fix ... to use MPC-HC, sometimes I prefer KMP since MPC is set to use full screen mode and I dont want it.
Using EVR is a central feature of KMP (for better colors IMHO), please fix it it would be appreciated.
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Join Date:  Nov 2008
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#10 | Link | Posted 12-30-2009 Quote
@post 1

I can confirm the same bug win 7 ultimate x86
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