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#1 | Link | Historique des versions, Posted 04-17-2007
[2013/04/10] Beta Released,
- Added Instant View.
- Fixed Denial Of Service PoC(PlayList M3U) - Provided by: Jigsaw (Abdelmorite), KISA
- Modified default use of Internal Splitter(AVI) for streaming(http, https, ftp).
- Fixed TS source filter error.
- Supports FTP server(UTF-8).
- Added https streaming function.
- Added Subtitle resync function. (Ctrl+Alt+[, Ctrl+Alt+])
- Improved seek speed of MKV, MP4, FLV.

[2013/01/23] Beta Released,
+ Supports FTP (Live streaming)
+ Supports HTTP, FTP subtitles
+ Display Replay Progress function in TaskBar for Windows 7 & later version

- Modified online subtitle search function
- Fixed playback performance decline issue when too many bookmarks exist
- Fixed display crack issue in libcodec(XviD) CODEC
- Added video property setting function from EVR to H/W
- Fixed Colorlevel in EVR(C/A)
- Fixed Memory Violation Error issue due to audio decoding
- Improved playback starting speed of initial network file(http, ftp)
- Fixed video & audio sync issue when seeking in AVI file
- Fixed MP4 encoding error issue
- Modified MP4 file sync source parser
- Fixed part of AC3 codec error issue
- Fixed Interger overflow error
- Modified memory-related logic for MKV source filter
- Fixed switching audio track issue

[2012/11/08] Beta Released,

[2012/11/01] Beta Released,
- Added DV file playback function.
- Added SIPR Audio Codec.
- Added EVR overlay subtitle function.
- Fixed Playlist widow Drag & Drop action error.
- Fixed JPG file store error in snapshot function.
- Fixed specific AVI video file playback error.
- Fixed AVI file Audio error when skipped.
- Fixed damaged AVI file infinite loop playback error.
- Fixed DIVX(XSub) subtitle resizing error in VMR9 Renderless & EVR C/A.
- Fixed freeze error when playing a certain FLV file.
- Fixed Web Search function location error in full-screen.
- Fixed AlbumArt update error.
- Fixed MKV file error bug when clicked to skip to beginning.

[2012/07/12] Beta Released,

[2012/07/10] Beta Released,

[2012/07/05] Beta Released,

[2012/06/29] Beta Released,

[2012/06/27] Beta Released,
- Added Web Search Bar.
- Supports Blu-Ray Play.
- Supports DIVX(xsub) Subtitle(AVI files only).
- Added video codec ProRes(APCH, APCN, APCS, ACPO, AP4H).
- Added video codec(IV50, RV40).
- Fixed AVI source filter(Supports playing damaged file).
- Fixed MKV source filter(Improved performance).
- Fixed RM, RMVB file seek error & Supports damaged file play.
- Fixed ASF file error.
- Fixed URL Play for AVI file.
- Fixed display infomation for MP3 bitrate.
- Fixed background resize error of SWF play.
- Fixed overflow of memory error when external audio file is used.
- Fixed access violation when updating.
- Fixed file name display error while starting a playback.

[2012/03/27] Beta Released,
- Waiting indefinitely large TS file for error correction.
- OGG file playback for error correction.

[2012/03/26] Beta Released,
- Fixed TS file.
- Fixed MP3 file bitrate info.

[2012/03/23] Beta Released,
- Fixed WinAmp Plugins crashes...

[2012/03/23] Beta Released,
- Fixed TP file execution bug.
- Fixed winamp general plugin.
- Correction of broken visualization.
- Correction of storyboard (fixed no text and timecodes bug).
- Added an option of playing only one side of the 3D video.
- Fixed 3D Left/Right, Up/Down change mode bug.

[2012/03/19] Beta Released,
- Supports 3D Formats. (Side-By-Side, Top-and-Bottom) to (Anaglyph, Interlaced)
- Supports 10-bit H.264. (Libcodec.dll)
- Supports Intel Widi.
- Added video codec "DV5P".
- Add new function album art (Thumnail image extraction from FLAC file)
- Thumbnail image display enhancement when playing audio files. (MP3, FLAC, WMA)
- Fixed ColorSpace bug.
- Fixed Intel Codec H.264.
- Fixed Winamp plugin.
- Error correction of images infected with malicious codes. (EIP register Corruption Vulnerability. Provided: KISA)
- Fixed view as a desktop mode in Windows 7.
- Fixed improper load of Album Art bug.
- Correction of screen display error when using EVR(C/A) - if you skip from the WMV file.
- Fixed KMP HTTP Reader.
- AAC codec Parser error correction from MOV file.
- MKV Skip Problum.

[2011/12/20] Beta Released,
- Fixed MKV Source Filter.

[2011/12/09] Beta Released,
KMPlayer's newest version KMP+ is finally here!!!
KMP+ is an Open Service Platform

- Update Open Album Art.
- 3D Video subtitle handling added.
- Supports MKV File's WEBM format.
- EVR's subtitle handling method changed.
- Modified AAC audio codec.
- Modified RTMP address fishing bug (
- Modified http streaming bug (
- Modified ending bug when replaying the internet stream download
- Modified the immediate application of Video Setting(always on top/when running/base)
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#2 | Link | Posted 03-30-2012
[2011/09/26] Beta Released, R2
- patched version due to a bug that was ending the playback in an abnormal way.

[2011/09/21] Beta Released,
- Add RTMP Source Filter.
- Add RTSP Source Filter.
- Add internal video codec(Intel's GPU)
- RealMedia File Parser improvement and video sync error modification
- File playback lagging bug modification
- Fixed M2TS Source Filter error.
- Fixed multi-channel audio noise bug error.
- Changed Internal Video Decoder for GUI Preference setting

[2011/07/04] Beta Released, R2
1. Fixed AAC sound in KMP 1441.
2. Fixed the audio equalizer visualization (in audio skin).

[2011/06/20] Beta Released,
1. URGENT - Fix MP3 file Processing Buffer Overflow Vulnerability.
2. Support DEC (NX) and ASLR.
3. Improve Haali's Video renderer compatibility.
4. .SPX file Supported.
5. Modify Advanced Playback Info.
6. Removed stuff/separate download.
7. MediaInfo.dll (ver updated.
8. Bass.dll (ver, Bass_alac.dll (ver updated
9. Advanced Menu is default.

[2011/04/22] Beta Released,
- FLV Skip Problum.
- 24 bit FLAC audio problem
- Fixed screen size problem
- Fixed some video's audio sync problem
- Fixed EVR mode freezing problem(Vista & Windows 7)
- Update BASE ver Audio Codec (support OFR file)
- Fixed EAC3 codec & filter problem
- Fixed TRUEHD codec problem
- Fixed MP3 ID3V2 info problem
- Add new function album art (Thumnail image extraction from WMA file)
- Fixed EVR C/A
- Fixed mp4 file analysis problem
- Improve file facing speed.
- Fixed audio codec always loaded.(LPCM, PCM)

[2010/11/08] Beta Released,
- DXVA2 H.264 performance improved.
- DXVA2 MPEG2 bug fixed.
- Resizing of Preference page.
- Audio errors during content playing are fixed.
- File playing start speed improved.
- Synchronizing errors between Video and Audio channels are fixed.
- MP2, ATRAC3, H.261 codec bug fixed.
- Decision logic for content(AVI) scanning fixed.

[2010/09/15] Beta Released,
1. Support DXVA2 Mode.
2. Libcodec codec update.
3. Support VP8 codec.
4. Fix nsv parser. 

[2010/06/09] Beta Released, r2
1. Fix freezing on Windows 7.
2. Support ASK Toolbar on 64bit.

[2010/06/04] Beta Released,
1. Support Multi Threads.
2. Fix SMC Codec.
3. Fix Error message Flash ActiveX not installed.
4. Add Open AlbumArt Button.

[2009/10/16] Beta Released,
1. Fix no audio on TS file with internal splitter.
2. Fix problems with EVR under VISTA.(video freezing)
3. Fix number subtitle is skipped.
4. Fix MKV with Mpeg inside without audio.

[2009/09/30] Beta Released,
- Select madVR in the right-click menu.
- Keyboard short keys (Ctrl+O, Ctrl+L ...)
- Crash with Haali Renderer after opening "Advanced Filter Info"
- Incremental detect aac.

[2009/09/15] Released,
- Reduce seek crash. 
- AlbumArt Audio Support.
- AlbumArt Search Support.
- URL redirect support.
- Change playList XP style.
- Open avi file in 0byte fix.
- mx audio file reposition support.
- mx audio file crash fix.
- error with zip file (when title include , it wasn’t play)
- Crash error with unsupported file.
- Error with mkv file (searching five sec. forward and backward)
- Not displayed subtitle in vista EVR.
- Codec update : libcodec.dll.
- Change default install language to English.
- Uninstaller is now English.
- ASK Toolbar installation added.
- Support madVR.
- Support flv (avc, aac codec).
- MediaInfo.dll (ver patch.
- Possible to playback damaged file.
- Support album art(MP3 thumbnail).

[2008/12/22] Released,
[ The KMPlayer General ]
- New Codecs have been updated
- The two simultaneous [Default] albums created in the Playlist fixed
- Support for 5 buttons mouse (back/forward) => Preferences (F2) -> General -> Keyboard/Mouse -> Click on 1st X-button & Click on 2nd X-button
- Reduce KMPlayer.exe binary size.
- Default Preference value adjusted: Main Menu -> Options -> [Advanced Menu] Off
- Default preference value adjusted: General -> Repeat/Playlist -> [Playlist] tab -> [v] Clear default playlist items on exit. Checked.
- Incremental "Audio Volume" function added. (Preferences (F2) -> Audio Processing -> Volume -> Volume Steps
- New icon added.

[ Open Album Art upgrade ]
- Improved thumbnail extraction speed.
- Unicode Supported.
- Removal of empty folder when removing movie file. (Registry Option)
- If ThumbnailStoreType is set at a value other than 0, then improper play of videos solved
- Audio file indication option added
- Thumbnail error fixed
- Deletion of *.jpg File when deleting file from registry’s thumbnail extraction pass
- Deletion of empty folder when deleting a file
- Removal of list in BlackList.txt when removing movie file.
- Open album target pass via search engine added
- Audio file image included
- Readjust the horizontal size the album tab located at the top
- Christmas & New year Skin

[2008/10/15] Released,
- OpenAlbumArt v1.0 support.
- Internal VP6 (Flash) Codec 'low merit' problem fixed.
- Some DTS audio playback problem fixed(libdts.dll).
- Can't search 'WMVideo Decoder DMO' problem fixed(Windows Vista).
- Set [External Audio Decoder] to default MP3 codec 'MP3 Decoder DMO' instead of 'MPEG Layer3 Decoder' (Windows Vista).
- Audio Stream Selection Menu bug among more than two voices fixed.
- MediaInfo Library updated(

[2008/07/15] Beta Released,
- Delphi 2007 Build.
- Codec updated.
- MediaInfo Library updated(
- AC3Filter Updated. Ver 1.51(a)
- Improved support for Windows Vista.
- KMPlayer Main-Window & PlayList-Window sizing area extended 5 to 7 pixels.
- About window cleaning.
- KMPlayer default preference values adjusted.
- Fixed [Skins->Logo] feature bug in Windows Vista
- Adobe Flash Player Interface updated(Abode Flash Player 9.0 r124)
- Little speed up when Seamless Playback Opens.
- KMPlayer Album Art Supported(beta).
- Built-In Skin changed.
- Internal MOV/MP4 Spiltter can't open over 2GB MP4 and seek problem over 2GB problem fixed.
- URL Open Window(Ctrl+U) bug fixed.
- Screen Offset -> [Pan & Scan] tab bug fixed.
- Small changed(Media Info Window, System Filter Manager(Windows vista bug), ...)
- Data Path change to 'MyDocuments\The KMPlayer'. (both WindowsXP and Windows Vista)
- ShortCut Assign Ctrl+Alt+S for 'Capture/Make StoryBoard'.
- ShortCut Assign Ctrl+Alt+L for 'Skins/Logo/Manage Logo'/ Enable & Disable Open Album Art
- ShortCut Assign Shift+D for 'Favorites/'Favorites Setup'
- When PlayList resize, PlayList Top Album control panel refresh bug fixed(Windows Vista).
- Same file open algorithm adjust.(filter same file extention)
- After [Storyboard creator] window close, movie skips forward some second problem fixed.

[2008/05/08] Beta Released,
1. Fixed “No response” error when using the seek feature.
2. Reduced “No response” errors.
3. Improved file open feature when opening similar files.
4. Fixed “Media library error (UAC)” when closing KMP on Windows Vista.
5. Updated Mediainfo.dll (Version ).
6. Included New KMPlayer skin (NewKMPSkin(beta).ksf).
7. Setup wizard and installation program added.
8. Updated multi-language pack.
9. EXE file is not compressed.
10. Updated EULA policy.
11. Updated default KMPlayer icon and connected programs.
12. Fixed remaining icons on the start menu after uninstallation on Windows Vista.
13. Now uninstallation fully deletes all remained files.
14. When installed in English, the shortcut will lead to the English forum of the official KMP site.

[2008/03/03] Beta Released,
1. Improvement of file opening speed
2. Fixed bug of KMP icon disappearing after relaunch of Explorer.exe
3. URL list tap delete feature in the URL open menu
4. Automatic Online Codec search feature
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