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#1 | Link | Announcement for KMPlayer users, Posted 03-08-2011 Quote
Dear all,

This is Kent, and I’m gladly announcing you that I’ve just rejoined KMPlayer and will take a overall development of KMPlayer as a Vice president of KMP media.

KMPlayer has been separated from PandoraTV and now the KMPmedia is managing the R&D of KMPlayer by Feb, 2010.

KMP media is now focusing on its’ own development for offering better services for users’ multimedia life by adopting more systematic management and also hiring experts and engineers for KMPlayers’ development. All these new changes and investment are the necessary actions of KMP media to meet the users’ requirement and needs toward KMPlayer, and it will be unavoidable to monetize the part of service.

We do request your understanding and also promise you that new businesses will be also a service for users’ benefit.

As the first step of above changes, new businesses will go along with local experts and users participations. Also Open API will be provided for personal users and service providers so they can utilize the KMPlayer for their own purpose and needs.

Again, to give you a great return for all the support and loves that you showed, we will do our best to make better KMPlayer.

We hope you keep sharing your opinions, and enjoy the privilege of being KMPlayer user.

Thank you

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