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#1 | Link | KMPlayer 3.5 Release [2013/01/23], Posted 01-23-2013 Quote

Hey Everyone!

Now you can download KMP Version 3.5 (Build No. from OUR HOMEPAGE!!

< File Info>
FileSize: 26,039,992Bytes
CRC-32: 3c1219a5
MD4: c0e84adbc0d79aaed85127c760ac6fb3
MD5: 473f7d2ad23e6a2b161d416cde8cf5af
SHA-1: 6f705b424c7d72be458ea441782396943f69d075

[3.5 Update List]
+ Supports FTP (Live streaming)
+ Supports HTTP, FTP subtitles
+ Display Replay Progress function in TaskBar for Windows 7 & later version

- Modified online subtitle search function
- Fixed playback performance decline issue when too many bookmarks exist
- Fixed display crack issue in libcodec(XviD) CODEC
- Added video property setting function from EVR to H/W
- Fixed Colorlevel in EVR(C/A)
- Fixed Memory Violation Error issue due to audio decoding
- Improved playback starting speed of initial network file(http, ftp)
- Fixed video & audio sync issue when seeking in AVI file
- Fixed MP4 encoding error issue
- Modified MP4 file sync source parser
- Fixed part of AC3 codec error issue
- Fixed Interger overflow error
- Modified memory-related logic for MKV source filter
- Fixed switching audio track issue

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Twitter KMPmedia

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#2 | Link | Posted 01-25-2013 Quote
Ok! But i fund bug:

Internal splitter can't recognize audio track if video stream is coded use H.264 and audio streams is coded use AC3 and film use AVI format. If use system AVI audio decoder sound track recognized as normal.

Video for bug testing: PRESTO_H.264.avi and PRESTO_H.264.avi.Info.txt.
Жив курилка! (Р. Ролан, "Кола Брюньон")
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#3 | Link | Posted 01-25-2013 Quote
I still get bad av sync issue as in previous version when playing h264 video files.

Libcodec problem again?
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#4 | Link | Posted 01-26-2013 Quote
zallen (additional bug-report on version

built DXVA-native KMP, but KMP is still not stable and it is better not to use, that is, until the movie is just okay, but when you try to rewind or fast forward the success is not guaranteed
Жив курилка! (Р. Ролан, "Кола Брюньон")
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