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Found a reproducible bug in kmp? Report it with detailed things.
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#1 | Link | Frame-by-frame backwards bug, Posted 09-24-2010 Quote
I'm trying to skip through a video frame-by-frame to find clear still images.
Pressing the key to skip forward through the video frame-by-frame works fine, but pressing the key to skip backwards frame-by-frame is glitchy.

Here's what I mean by glitchy:
1. There's always lag compared to skipping forward and sometimes there's a lot of lag.
2. Sometimes it will skip backwards several frames instead of just one.
3. Sometimes it will actually skip forward several frames instead of backwards.
4. Sometimes it will jump forward and backwards, back & forth, if I hold down the key to skip backwards.

This bug can be reproduced every time.
I tried two different videos and the same thing happened with both.
One video was MP4 format and the other was MPG.

Windows XP Professional
AMD Athlon 64 3200+
2GB PC3200
nVidia GeForce 7600GT
Realtek AC'97 Integrated audio
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