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#1 | Link | ATI TV Wonder 650 video capture sound probelm when connected to PS2, Posted 06-26-2008 Quote
I have a ATI TV Wonder 650 Pro HDTV & video capture card. I can connect my PS2 and VCR to it by RCA cable (yellow white red). I like KMPplayer very much, I will love to use the KMPlayer for my gaming any watch VCR tapes because it have no lag. I got the video input working, but not the sound. Can any one give me a hand to find out the problem? Do I need to connect my TV capture card to my sound card with a cable?

I am using Windows Vista Ultimate
Here is the step how I setup my KMPlayer:
open > setup WDM/BDA > video device: ATI AVStream Analog Capture. audio device: ATI AVStream Analog Audio Capture > OK > now I am on TV Channel 4 > WDM Controls > Video Composite > my video from my PS2 or VCR comes up. NO sound!

PS. I use ATI Media Center (program come with the card) and CyberLink PowerCinema 5. It have video and sound, that mean the capture card work. It just the video is lag about 2 second, not good for gaming. KMPlayer doesn't have lag. VERY GOOD
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#2 | Link | Posted 06-26-2008 Quote
I'm not sure if it helps you...
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#3 | Link | Posted 06-27-2008 Quote
Thx for the help. now I got everything work.
Key point is in > setup WDM/BDA > Under video device: Type: Composite. Check Out 1: ATI Auido Capture Outoput.
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