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#1 | Link | ?? cropping 4:3 to 16:9 when in fullscreen ??, Posted 06-17-2008 Quote
Hi, heres my problem:

I have lots of videos in 4:3 aspect ratio (tv shows, etc), my primaty display is an wide-hdtv (16:9).

When I play the 4:3 material I have black stripes on both sides of my TV when in fullscreen mode. So I set the display settings in KMP to crop the image so its sides fit the screen, but then the down and upper part are not visible - I can go with that.

What I want to do is see the whole picture (4:3) when in windowed mode, and the cropped 16:9 when in fullscreen mode without having to change the panscan options over and over again (from 'do nothing' to '16:9 cropping', as mentioned above).

My video renderer is VMR9 , I have the 'adjust AR to window size' option set to ON and 'keep display aspect ratio' checked.

Appreciate any advice, thanks.
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#2 | Link | Posted 06-17-2008 Quote

Do not use the cropping option. There is other easy way.
Use this hotkey: Ctrl+Alt+Enter or 7.

The hotkey to fullscreen is "Enter" key. You can change it to get cropped 16:9 in fullscreen.

F2 - General - Keyboard/Mouse - Enter -> Select "Toggle fullscreen (overscan)"

Useful hotkeys
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Join Date:  May 2008
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#3 | Link | Posted 06-17-2008 Quote
OMFG, thank you sooo much! It works just fine!
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#4 | Link | Posted 06-20-2008 Quote
Hi. I'm new in this forum. I just download Kmplayer _1431 . My problem is when i play a movie the screen showing a series òf white stripe on the left side of the picture. I can use : tool to expand the picture then is ok. But if i do that the subtile got cut off a little . Please help. Thanks .
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#5 | Link | Posted 06-20-2008 Quote
Welcome. The information you provided is not enough. We need ctrl+tab info and a screen capture.
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#6 | Link | Posted 06-21-2008 Quote
It looks normal. If you can't see the white stripe with other players, internal xvid decoder seems to be a culprit. The video could include the stripe part within it.
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#7 | Link | Posted 06-27-2008 Quote
A video cropping tool provided by The KMPlayer is useful with, so called, the theater mode of ATI using overlay mixer. It can correct the output aspect ratio of tv or 2nd display when you are in the environment of dual monitors having different resolutions and aspect ratios.

For example, there is a bug in the recent catalyst driver 8.6 when using theater mode in vista 64. There is an option to keep the aspect ratio of second monitor in Catalyst Control Center. However, it simply does not work. If your second display device is a 19 inch monitor, the aspect ratio to correct is 5:4.

Then how to correct the aspect ratio of second monitor with Theater mode?
Right click on KMP -> goto Pan & Scan, and select Screen Offset... to make a 5:4 preset. After creating 5:4 preset, you can easily select 5:4 cropping from menu. The V. position bar in the Screen Offset dialog is a vertical position of video image. Moving the bar to left will make the position of video image relocated to the upper part of the display device.
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