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#1 | Link | Read HD Files with DXVA under XP/Vista 32 bits, Posted 01-13-2009
Introduction from Media Player Classic - Homecinema website
Modern graphics card offer the possibility to decode partially or completely a video stream using DirectX Video Acceleration (DXVA), in order to reduce CPU usage dramatically. MPC-HC includes an embedded video decoder that uses this technology, to decode H.264 and VC-1 with hardly any CPU time required.

Unfortunately the MPC-HC decoder only supports the "bitstream mode" at this stage, which means that only the most recent graphic cards are supported :

* nVidia series 8(9)xxx for H.264 only
* ATI Radeon HD series for H.264 and VC-1 decoding

"Motion compensation" mode might be added in the future to increase compatibility with older graphic cards, but I cannot promise anything. Mpeg2 and WMV accelerations are not supported either.

DXVA is quite picky, so if you want to use it you have to respect thoses rules :

* Windows XP users, select Overlay Mixer, VMR7, VMR9 or VMR9 renderless
* Vista users, select EVR or EVR custom renderer

The MPC-HC Video decoder must be connected directly to the renderer. That means no intermediate filters such as DirectVobSub or ffdshow can be inserted between the decoder and the video renderer.
Internal subtitles can work with the MPC Video decoder in DXVA mode, but the rules are even more restrictive :

* Windows XP users, select VMR9 renderless
* Vista users, select EVR custom renderer

* In "Options / Playback", tick the checkbox "Auto-load subtitles"

Warning for ATI users : VC1 acceleration is broken in 8.6 release (green frames appears randomly during playback). If you experiments such trouble, please revert to 8.5 build.
My card is compatible ?
Cards that supports DXVA:
Radeon™ HD 3800 Series
Radeon™ HD 3600 Series
Radeon™ HD 3400 Series
Radeon™ HD 2600 Series
Radeon™ HD 2400 Series
Mobility Radeon™ HD 3600 Series
Mobility Radeon™ HD 3400 Series
Mobility Radeon™ HD 2600 Series
Mobility Radeon™ HD 2400 Series
Mobility Radeon™ HD 2300 Series
Radeon 780G integrated chipset - UVD 2 + AVP 2 (with Phenom only).
Radeon HD 4xxx HD Series - UVD 2 + AVP 2.

All GeForce 8xxx cards and IGPs except GeForce 8800GTS/GTX with G80 core.
All GeForce 9xxx cards and IGPs.
All GeForce 2xx cards.
For check without software if your gpu can dxva.

A tools by Bluesky exist for check the DXVA capabilities of your card :
Home/Download :


Installation :
Download the MPC decoder :
(For example: Standalone Filters - Win32 -> Filters v1.5.0.2827 _ 32 bits -> MPC-Standalone -> unzip the file)
Project Website :

Unzip the file where you want, for example, we put in KMP installation directory.

Select the right renderer
F2 / Video Processing / Renderer / VMR9 Renderless for XP users or EVR for Vista users

Unselect the hd files format to not use with internal decoder
Internal Video Decoder / General / Uncheck H.264 and AVC1

Launch the External Decoder Search -->
External Video Decoder / External Decoder Search

--> You can click "Add after Scan" for list the decoder already on your system. (blue on image)
Click "Add External Codec" / Select / Open / OK

Choose MPC Video Decoder for the HD format files

and Close the Preferences

For test, play a hd files and put tabulation during playing, you must have MPC - Video Decoder in Video and dxva in Output like on this preview.
if you have MPC but not dxva in output, your graphic card is not compatible.

Enjoy !

Thanks to titikab from french forum and all the international community.
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