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Feature requests and suggestions to improve kmp.
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#1 | Link | Read before making feature requests., Posted 07-13-2008
Read before making feature suggestions.

Before making a suggestion, confirm the feature is not already in the recent releases. Inevitably there will be many users that post the same issues, as the issues are important to address. In an effort to try and optimize the suggestions, please search through forums beforehand and do not duplicate a thread containing the same issue.

The threads dealing with the following subjects will be moved or deleted without warning by moderators.

- Porting requests to Linux or Mac: impossible due to the fundamental structure.
- 64bit support: impossible due to the lack of delphi 64.
- SWF playback in order: impossible due to the playback structure of SWF. Search forums to get some more information.
- Real Codec addon:
- DVD ISO playback

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