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#1 | Link | Tutorial: Ripping Audio-CD Tracks to Harddisk with KMP, Posted 12-15-2008 Quote

The question how to rip an Audio-CD to harddisk has been asked in this Forum several times and answered (correctly) that KMP is not a ripper, and a special software should be used for that purpose.

But here is a method how you can rip single Audio-CD tracks with KMP:


1. Open the CD track you want to rip and let it start playing for some seconds.

2. Click on "Pause." (This is important. Ripping while playing is not possible; it may CRASH the PC; at least, it did so for me.)

3. Select "Capture / Save as." KMP saves the .CDA file as a .WAV file to the harddisk.

4. If you want to, use "SUPER(C)" (link in my "Useful-Tools-and-Tips" Thread) or another free program to convert .WAV to .MP3, or use the KMP Capture options to save .WAV as .MP3. (Strangely enough, "SUPER(C)" does not accept .CDA as input format, so it cannot convert .CDA to .MP3 directly.)


For a more comfortable ripping of a whole CD, I suggest you use a special converter software, but the method described above is a good solution if you want to rip only two or three tracks, and you have no ripping software at hand.


Some CDs are copy-protected and difficult or even impossible to rip. There are also special ripping programs for that, but they are not officially legal in all countries.

Some CDs are so well-protected that they don't even play on a PC or if the drive of the CD player / car radio is a computer drive. In such cases you can give the CD back and get your money back. Copy-protected CDs and DVDs must be labeled as protected (at least in the EU).

But it seems that .MP3 downloads are more and more replacing the CDs. The advantages:

1. You can install the files on a small, light MP3 player and don't need to carry a heavy CD player and big CDs with you.

2. You get only the songs you really want, so you no longer need to buy a whole CD for getting only two or three songs from it.


Many greetings,

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