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Post problems you have when using kmp.
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#1 | Link | READ THIS FIRST BEFORE POSTING !!! (updated), Posted 01-29-2007
Because of the various versions of The KMPlayer, it always refers to the latest build including beta version when we are talking about KMP here. Note that incomplete questions without at least ctrl+tab information may be totally ignored.

  1. Make sure that you are running the latest build. The problem can be already fixed. Before posting, confirm any kind of problems in the latest build.

    cf. The Player does not support Windows 98 series as well as Millennium any more and it is not guaranteed also running in Windows 2000 series. Some features using Direct3D functions need better video cards and a newest DirectX. It is recommended to use Windows XP SP3 with the latest patches.

  2. Notice for updates: Frequently, there are changes of registries which can cause something problematic when updated to the latest build. Do not forget to back up the previous version of The KMPlayer which you are using without any problems before installing a new one.

    When updating, the following steps are recommended.
    1. Manually backup your registry of KMP (HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\KMPlayer) or it can be done in preferences by using "export presets" button.
    2. Rename your previous kmp folder, and install or extract the latest build.
    3. Check if there is any weird action when using kmp.
    4. If there is a problem, open preferences and press "Reset Current Settings" button.

  3. If the problem is still persisting, read FAQ at first and search forums sufficiently before posting.

  4. Questions should be accompanied by a detailed description so that the problem could be replicable. At least, Ctrl+Tab information should be pasted into the posting when the problematic file is playing.
    Please wrap the ctrl-tab info with code tags (#).

  5. If you can't even play or open the problematic media, make a small sample or leave the link of the file. It would be helpful to figure out the problem. Make sure that the problematic media file is a normal video or audio file which can be played with other players based on directshow. If it is possible to play with other players, grab and post the filter lists used in the player.

    cf) Commercial products such as Powerdvd, Windvd etc are not 100% compatible with directshow. Mplayer and VLC are not based on directshow. The KMPlayer cannot be compared with such players not based upon directshow.

ps. Attention!!! Do not update The KMPlayer using a built-in component manager. It is not a working function at the meantime as it should be maintained whenever the program is updated. We have no enough time to manage it properly.

ps. You won't get an answer for the questions via PM with relation to the playback of the player.

Thanks for your understanding.
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