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Found a reproducible bug in kmp? Report it with detailed things.
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Join Date:  Jun 2006
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#1 | Link | Incorrect CODEC used when switching presets, Posted 06-11-2008 Quote
When playing a video whose attributes cause the use of a Preset different from the one used for the previous video, the Internal Video Decoder specification is not handled correctly.

For example, I have Preset A with Internal Video Decoder > WMV9 checked, and Preset B with WMV9 unchecked. If I play a video that switches to Preset A (uses KMP Video Codec), and then I play a video that switches to Preset B (should be WMVideo Decoder DMO), the KMP Video Codec will still be used. The reverse is also true, so that if I play something that uses Preset B (uses WMVideo Decoder DMO) and then switch to a video that uses Preset A (should be KMP Video Codec), WMVideo Decoder DMO will still be used.

In each case, if the second file is opened again (even just STOP/START), the correct setting is used. Switching repeatedly from file A to B to A to B, etc, results in use of the incorrect setting each time.

Another minor item: to force the selection of a preset based on dimensions 1280x720, I must specify 1279x719 AND Over/OR Over (same).
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#2 | Link | Posted 06-11-2008 Quote
When you manually switch the presets with hotkey, there is an option to recreate the connected filtergraph. To change the decoders already connected to play a movie, the movie should be forcibly reloaded to refresh the whole filtergraph.

Enable the option in each preset: Reopen current file when a preset is manually switched (by hotkey <-- seems to be omitted due to the space). The option seems not working with the specified conditions for some reason. It does not work automatically depending on the conditions or manual switching in preferences.

I've tried the option and it worked well. The hotkey is ctrl+alt+2,3, .... You can see the hotkeys in main menu > Configuration presets.
Join Date:  Jun 2006
Posts:  31
#3 | Link | Posted 06-11-2008 Quote
Thanks, Mouse. I guess that's one way of getting around it, though it could be said that's it's just as easy (easier?) to STOP/START, since one doesn't have to remember the key combination for any given preset.
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Join Date:  Jan 2007
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#4 | Link | Posted 06-11-2008 Quote
Ctrl+P (Reopen current file) is the other way to refresh filtergraph.
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