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Post problems you have when using kmp.
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#1 | Link | KMPlayer External Codec Setting Guideline_PC ver, Posted 01-08-2015 Quote
Hello, this is KMPlayer team.

KMPlayer doesn’t support some of the audio codecs.
If you want to use this codec, please purchase the codec.

In the version, after you have installed the codec, when you re-run the KMPlayer, will be applied codec immediately without a different setting.
In version or earlier version requires an external audio codec settings of KMPlayer settings.

How to set external audio codec in version or earlier version
1) Preferences(F2) → Filter Control → Decoder Usage → Internal Audio Decoder
→ check “ALL Disable”.
2) External Audio Decoder → click “External Decoder Search”.
3) Add your purchased codec by clicking “Add External Codec”.

** KMPlayer supports Dolby codec(AC3/E-AC3) in Window8

Enjoy your video with KMPlayer.
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#2 | Link | Simple way to use External Codec in KMPlayer!!!, Posted 01-08-2015 Quote
Simple way to use External Codec in KMPlayer!!!


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#4 | Link | Posted 01-21-2015 Quote
I can't understand why we have to do this now. My old version of KMP could play an MP4 video with sound just okay. Now the latest version requires me to purchase and install a codec to make the same video play correctly?
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#5 | Link | Posted 01-27-2015 Quote
Same with me. This .132 version does not play audio with same move like .130 version. And I back to the older version. There is no benefit from your new version Version .131 no work at all.
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#6 | Link | HERE IS YOU SIMPLE 1MIN SOLUTION, Posted 03-16-2015 Quote
Took me 1min to search google for "DTS,AC3 audio codec" search a few of the links and find this
Just download and install.Then follow the first step and click that "All Disable" then click "External Audio Decoder" then click on "External Decoder Search".On the right of the new poped window pick AC3 and DTS ,after that just click "add after scan" . Then close the External Decoder/Filter Managment.Then for AC3 and DTS audio either pick "system defaulth" or "ac3filter".In the end should look something like this.

This worked for me and I did it all without any prior knowledge of the preferences for the audio codecs , so I think everyone can do this easy.Hope I was helpfull.
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#7 | Link | External codec setting, Posted 08-09-2015 Quote
Hi, Is there a way to keep KMPlayer from opening this web page when a codec is not supported? Thanks.
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#8 | Link | Posted 09-18-2015 Quote
NEW KMPlayer Audio Fix in 3 Easy Steps!
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#9 | Link | Thanks for the Fix, Posted 12-28-2015 Quote
Thanks for the Link was looking for it for long time.Going to introduce these to my blogs.
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