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Found a reproducible bug in kmp? Report it with detailed things.
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#1 | Link | script error, Posted 11-17-2012 Quote
evenytime when i open a video, there comes a script error.

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#2 | Link | Posted 11-19-2012 Quote
I also have the same problem. Anyone out there know how to fix this problem ?
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#3 | Link | Posted 11-25-2012 Quote
Same here!
In my case, I have '' in my host file as ... and am in no way going to change that!!
I uninstalled ver. 3.4 and re-installed ver 3.3 and got rid of the problem, but it kept asking me to download the latest version. Since I thought I had messed a setting during the original 3.4 version installation, I went ahead and moved again to ver 3.4, being very careful during the installation process as not to install any 'filler' apps.
To no avail.
the problem came back; if I don't click any of the options in the pop-up window before the video starts playing, I lose all control of mouse and keyboard, and can only do ctrl-alt-del to bring up Task Manager and kill the KMP process... what a shame!
Oh yeah, I'm using Win7 with all updates current.
Hopefully someone can come up with a solution to this problem; going back to v.3.3 in the meantime.
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#4 | Link | Posted 11-27-2012 Quote
same problem xp also in new version
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#5 | Link | Posted 12-11-2012 Quote
Originally Posted by sikorumbe View Post
Anyone out there know how to fix this problem ?
Such sort of error may occurs if script was downloaded partly or damaged.

Try clear IE cache.
More sophisticated way is to find in 'Temporary Internet Files' folder file 'ga[*].js' and delete it.
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#6 | Link | didn't fix it, Posted 12-16-2012 Quote
I'm using google Chrome and I delete it's temporary internet files/cache but the same problem still occurs. Thanxs
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#7 | Link | Posted 12-16-2012 Quote
sikorumbe, It doesn't matter what browser you're using. Try to clear Internet Explorer cache.
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#8 | Link | Posted 12-18-2012 Quote
Delete all files of internet explorer from
C:\Users\xxx\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Internet Explorer
C:\Users\xxx\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer
xxx your username
re-install java using internet explorer.
open intenet explorer and enable java.
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#9 | Link | Posted 06-03-2013 Quote
hello every body

I have same problem, but the error is some different
this is my kmplayer error

can you help me,please?
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#10 | Link | Posted 07-06-2013 Quote
this happens because of bad error handling in kmplayer.. the obvious choice would be to remove google analitics but ofc they wont do that but at least CATCH the exceptions java will throw on problems like corrupted scripts or offline internet...

ps: whats the x button questions are a MASSIVE FAIL
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