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#1 | Link | Do not believe bad rumors spread in networks., Posted 11-19-2005
Originally Posted by Dragu
I have heard that there is evidence that KMPlayer actually uses GPL:d
software in the code, although KMPlayer neither is open source, under GPL
or has any notice about the included code in any form of EULA or such.

Is this true?
The sources tell that it is easily detectable that there is code from a
GPL:d project by examining the memory dumps of KMPlayer.

There is an official comment written in korean about this. To make a long story short, The KMPlayer has its own developing history since 2001. KMP was written by delphi from scratch and had nothing to do with MPlayer or etc. MPC is nothing but such a technical reference of media player as mplayer, zoomplayer, bsplayer, tcmp, vlc, mv2player, radlight, crystal etc.

I'll let you know some behind stories of KMP. The full name of KMP is a K-Multimedia Player. The "K" of KMP simply indicates the initial character of the developer's family name(Kang). What a funny thing it is to think of his naming sence! Anyway, he had been very famous for Kang utility series under domestic condition which really looked like Norton utilities from DOS in viewpoint of perfomances and functions. Some day after his obligatory military service, he was fascinated by the overlaying feature of Sasami2k. The developer told me that it was the main cause fallen into temptation to do it by himself. You can still find a piece of evidence in the current version of KMP. (Right click on kmp and select Overlay Skin Control under the Skins menu)

The article reaches the following conculsion:
  • KMP did not include GPL codes or binary within its executable file.
  • The external libraries packed in KMP were not modified or changed at all, but composed of a binary or compiled version from cvs directly. Actually, there are no needs to change anything for its rapid developement status of each components. That's the reason why there are so many bugs whenever KMP is updated.
  • KMP was not dependent upon any kinds of external libraries. Originally, KMP was designed as a standalone player based on directshow structure.

Libraries Information packed in the full & install version of The KMPlayer
  1. <General Public License> ::
  2. <Lesser General Public License> ::
  3. <BSD or BSD-style license> ::
  4. <Mozilla Public License> ::
  5. <ETC>

* Gabest's Filter lists
  • Splitter : Avi;MKV;RM;OGG/OGM;MPEG;MP3/AAC;Dirac;DSM;Nut;RadGt;MP4
  • Decoder : Audio(MPEG1/2;AAC;AC3;DTS), Video(MPEG1/2)
  • Stream Switcher
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