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#1 | Link | [Help] 3D Movie Plus App, Posted 03-14-2012
[Help] How to use 3D glasses

As you can see below, you will see two images(left/right) if you try to watch 3D videos in KMPlayer without changing its setting.

This is normal in the human eyes’ perspective since there are two images as a pair.

A set up menu is displayed when you hover your mouse over to below [3D]button.

You will be prompted to confirm up/down or left/right message after clicking 3D button.

Please confirm by pressing the selected button depending on how the video file is divided.

The changes that could be made when 3D button is clicked is below

The first click is left/right images

The second click is up/down images

The third click is to end 3D feature

Three above steps repeat whenever 3D button is clicked.

Settings in [3D Screen Control] can be changed when you right click your mouse.

Use [Dubois Anaglyph] mode when using 3D glasses and has been set as a default.

3D Glasses

Anaglyph type made to watch videos (We recommended Red-Cyan)

Select [Row Interlaced] mode when using Polarized Glasses.

Polarized Glasses

Passive 3D TV type (mainly used in theaters)

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