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#1 | Link | Girder GML file for KMPlayer + WM_APPCOMMAND, Posted 08-12-2008 Quote
Sorry for my poor english
As I am new to Girder.and I am not a software programmer.I can't compile [SDK] myHD Remote controller for KMP.
Hopefully KMP can release all the message code.
this gml commamd code is based on winamp.gml.
the modification is not perfect.just for personal test.
my girder is 3.3.1c +"SendMessage" plug-in enable.
my kmplayer is
this GML file is use with KMP key defined as below
UP=jump to 30 sec forward
DOWN=jump to 30 sec backward
HOME=volume up
END=volume down.
for using "file navigator" with this gml file.the checkbox "select when using Mode of vga" and "attach a dialog within a main windows" must disable in option/general/Navigaton tab.
as you see the "open menu" command send command Only to first match.and the "close menu" commande
send command Only to second match.this is because the bug of KMP(
You can modify after this bug get fixed.
if you want to remote KMP with WM_APPCOMMAND.GML.just Enable the checkbox "supporte multemedia keyboard" and "turn on volume control" in option/general tab

know bug:
1:mute commande may not work after change this case.have to restar kmp.or you can use WM_APPCOMMAND for mute command.
2:while viewing video with navigator windows.when video is finished playing.
navigator close automatically(bug of kmplayer).
3:when send command to "play all files in this folder".the video will stop playing(bug of kmplayer).
and if the folder have the extension "zip" files(not video zip files),KMP will attempt to open it and crash alert pops up windows."disable zip" file in preference setup doesn't work.
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