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#1 | Link | How to use madVR (Madshi's Video Renderer), Posted 09-22-2009
KMP 1435 now supports madVR (Madshi's Video Renderer), you can read more about it here:

In this post you will find how to install and use that filter. First of all, download and extract this file into your hard drive:

Double-click install.bat to install the filter.

In Windows Vista/7 an UAC confirmation window may appear. Click on "Allow" to continue.

After the filter is registered, a confirmation window will appear.

To use the madVR you should use the Preferences window (currently, the right-click menu doesn't work -fixed in 1436 beta1-. Also, in DVD settings, the madVR entry does not work).

Go to Preferences (F2) -> Video Processing -> Renderer and select it:

To configure the madVR, go to right-click -> Filters menu while you are playing a video:

(If you can't see the Filters menu, enable the advanced menu in right-click -> Options -> Advanced Menu).

While playing a video with madVR, an icon will appear on system tray. You can also use it to configure madVR.

Please use the main forums to ask any question.

Frequently Asked Questions:

- Q: Aero theme gets disabled when I switch to madVR! (only for Windows Vista/7)

- A: Check if madVR is enabled by going to Filters menu while playing (as said in the tutorial). Sometimes madVR can't be enabled (because of colorspaces) and KMP will switch automatically to Overlay Mixer. In that case, Aero theme gets disabled. To enable madVR in those cases, you should enable the KMP Video Transform Filter. To do that, disable Superspeed or Highspeed modes and go to Preferences -> Video processing -> General tab and select "Always use". As noted above, madVR can't be enabled at all in DVD mode.
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