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도움말에 대한 추가적인 질문과 도움말에 추가되었으면 하는 것들을 적어 주시고, 세상 살아가는 여러가지 이야기도 환영합니다. 혹시 제게 안부를 남겨 주실 분들이 있다면... (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ~♡
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#13 | Link | Posted 08-01-2018 Quote
Hi All

My name mike , I'm 28 years old

I have Service Online and I'm looking for good buyer to work together for long

I'm a hacker and legit businessman

I have over 10 years of experience in hacker's world

Motto of work : Prestigious is top - Customer is KING

**Here are my Service:

- Sell CC(CCV,CVV) Random Good Fresh All Country With Hight Balance,

- Sell CC(CCV,CVV) Full Info of USA UK CA AU

- Sell Dumps Tracks 1/2 + Pin

- Sell USA Full Information (Name/Address/SSN/Dob/DL/City/State/Zipcode/phone)

- Sell Bank Login US UK CA AU

- Sell Paypal Account - Internet Account(Mail Pass/walmart/ebay/target/bestbuy..more.....)

- Booking Hotel All Country Fees 30%

- Money Exchanger (WU<=>BTC<=>WMZ<=>PM<=>MG) Fees 5%

- Ship Items Store For Seller of Store Online share %

- Registration account online (with Payment to register) suitable for Affiliate Marketing partners (CPA ~ PPA)

- SPECIAL: WU transfer to many country....


- No Test free, No Minium

- All My Stuff are checked before sell. Guarantee 24hr and change 100% with CC

- Accept payment: BTC(Bitcoin) - MG(Money Gram) - WU(Western Union)

- I'm looking for good partner and long-term business. Make money & happy together

* Here are my contact and get good price with very good stuff:

-ICQ: 742741662

-Gmail :

----Thank you for read my post and hope to work with you soon-----
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