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Join Date:  Feb 2006
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#1 | Link | kmp not using the second core, Posted 07-21-2008 Quote
recently i try some video (x264 720p/1080p) that require alot more cpu power
i am still using version 1429
cpu is intel core2duo overclock to 2.9Ghz
i am using the coreavc filter v1.50 (not latest, as i heard there are more bugs with latest version v1.60-v1.70)

i am using vmr9 with video output queue enable
the problem is kmp is still not using the second core fully result in jerky play
eg 1st core 90-100% the second core only 25-50%

is this the problem with kmp or coreavc?
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Join Date:  Nov 2006
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#2 | Link | Posted 07-21-2008 Quote
Upgrade Coreavc to 1.70... it adds support for multiple cores.

Who said it was full of bugs? Nonsense, don't believe it :P

Edit: Guess I shouldn't say it adds, as it sounds as if it didn't support it at all. 1.70 fixes it to "balance" the load between the cores better.
Join Date:  Feb 2006
Posts:  34
#3 | Link | Posted 07-23-2008 Quote
i just a 60fps 720p with media player classic with coreavc v1.50 (vmr9)
and it balance the load nicely with 2 core causing no jerkyness
but kmp 1 core use 100% the other only 10%, thus jerky play

go read this thread in doom9, especially the last few pages about v1.70
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Join Date:  Nov 2006
Posts:  116
#4 | Link | Posted 07-24-2008 Quote
Can you split your 60fps file (use mkvmerge) to a small file and upload it somewhere? I'd like to test this with your file as all h264 files I have (mostly anime :P) work just fine.

Have you disabled KMP Transform filter in options?
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