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#1 | Link | Using Chrome cast feature on you KMP Connect, Posted 09-02-2014 Quote
Using Chrome cast feature on you KMP Connect

How to use
1. Download KMP Connect on PC then obtain pin number and select password (PIN numbers us auto-generated)
2. Launch KMPlayer on your mobile, then select KMP Connect from the player menu and input the PIN number and Password.
3. Select the movie you have uploaded to the designated folder then press the Chromecast button on your phone. That’s it!

Once your phone and Chromecast is connected to the same Wifi, you can click on the chromecast icon on the top right side on your phone to launch.
To use the mirroring feature on your Chromecast, make sure you have kmplayer installed on your mobile first then select Kmplayer in the menu. Please refer to instructions on Chromecast.
Chrome cast is a device that needs to be purchased separately. Make sure Chromecast is connected to your TV before using our services.

Thank you – KMP TEAM -
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