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Feature requests and suggestions to improve kmp.
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Join Date:  Jul 2006
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#1 | Link | iPod and KMPlayer, Posted 05-31-2007 Quote

Is there any plugin for KMPlayer that allows me to transfer music from my pc to my iPod?

I hate to use Real Player, and that would be just perfect!

If there isn't one, I would suggest that feature, but as a plugin. I'd hate to see KMPlayer bloated with features, sucking resources from the pc.

I think we as users such choose which components we want in a media player, and discard the ones we don't need. That way we wouldn't have a massive Microsoft Media Player style resource hog, and still a very feature rich media player - through plugins.

But I'm going off topic. If you know of such plugin, for iPod, please let me know.

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#2 | Link | Posted 06-01-2007 Quote
Maybe you can try this:
KMP works with winamp plugins (not all, but works).
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#3 | Link | Posted 09-20-2008 Quote
Is there a plug in I could try for other players; Creative, Nokia phone?
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