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Found a reproducible bug in kmp? Report it with detailed things.
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#1 | Link | [fixed] The KMPlayer AC3 and Now AAC Audio prblms!!, Posted 06-22-2011

Well im using KMPlayer as My Default player, it's the best player ever , i have updated to New Version, i was having AC3 Audio gets Distorted in Some Movies tat's loaded with AC3 as Audio track , so my Workaround was to disable Internal AC3 Decoder and enable External decoder and Add AC3 Filter so AC3 Audio was good no problem, But with New Version there is problem with AAC Audio too , Any idea how to fix tat...... another Ques? does it uses full DXVA support i have an ATI 5XXX series GPU......

Cheers Vinay.......
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#2 | Link | Posted 06-22-2011
To help the testers troubleshoot your issue, please press Ctrl+Tab while playing any file with that problem and then paste here the obtained report.

I think you have the same issue as the one I described here:
v1441:White noise-like sounds on FLV,MP4 videos-noticeable especially on loud parts
Mind checking it out?

Would you also mind uploading a sample video to Mediafire or another file hosting service?

Another possibly related issue:
The KMPlayer AC3 and Now AAC Audio prblms!!
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#3 | Link | Posted 06-24-2011
I'm going to close this thread to avoid multiple threads about the same topic. To continue talking about it, please refer to this thread:

Sorry for the inconvenience.
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