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Post problems you have when using kmp.
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#1 | Link | What to do if the KMPlayer does not behave like expected., Posted 02-15-2009
The problem: KMPlayer shows strange behavior, is crashing or doesn't work as expected.

- Make sure that you have the latest stable version installed.
- Think about trying the latest beta version.
- Make sure that you are on an supported system and meet system requirements.
(DirectX 9.0, Flash for IE [needed for OpenAlbumArt only])
Note: Flash for Firefox or Opera etc won't work; at least not alone. It has been reported that both versions together are more stable as alone. So installing flash_player_ax.exe and flash_player.exe could improve system stability.
- Make sure that the KMPlayer supports whatever you want to do with it.
- Make sure that the KMPlayer shouldn't behave like that what you see.
Maybe it's wanted.

If you are sure that you match the points above or it worked earlier, but stopped working check and try the following:

- If you have updated the KMPlayer take a look at the release notes. Maybe a default setting has changed.
- You have changed a setting that causes the behavior. Undo the change and report if you think it's a bug.
- Reset the KMPlayer. That is the easiest way to remove most problems caused by corrupt settings. The button “Initialize All Presets” resets the player. The best way to reset the player is to delete the registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\KMPlayer. This makes sure that everything is gone. Note: If you save settings to INI you need to remove KMPCfg.ini to clear the settings.
- If just resetting the player did not solve the problem you should remove the KMPlayer completely (Remove HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\KMPlayer and the folder you installed the KMPlayer in) and reinstall it to a new folder.
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