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Join Date:  Oct 2012
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#1 | Link | KMPlayer Patch Update [2015/05/27], Posted 05-27-2015 Quote
Hi, This is KMP Team.
In this update, the loading speed is improved!

Strongly recommended updates ))

[ Update]
- KMPlayer Loading speed improved
- Main Codec Update
1. Add audio codec
2. Intel QuickSync: INDE (MSDK2015) applies
3. Source/Splitter update
4. Replace the second splitter to the LAV Gabest
- Other minor bugs fixed

KMPlayer Checksum List

Thank you ^.^
-KMP team-
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Kmp Translator
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#2 | Link | Posted 05-28-2015 Quote
Always the same very old (years!) issues:

1) wrong aspect ratio in mpg files playback;
2) KMP crashes when trying to take screenshots.
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#3 | Link | Posted 06-01-2015 Quote
Thanks for changelog.

1) I don't have wrong aspect ratio in last build.(which I had in recent builds)
2) I can confirm screenshot crash.
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