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#1 | Link | 热烈庆祝KMplayer正式版即将出炉!, Posted 05-30-2006 Quote
Here is the latest beta if you want to try it, Posted 11-26-2005

Enahnced the way of changing the order of multiple subtitles by drag & drop in Subtitle Explorer
Fixed a bug in internal avi splitter, some avi files were not parsed normally
Add a function to load last file automatically only when it was audio file(Preferences: General | When Starting | OpenFile Status)
Improved a function to switch between elapsed and remaining time by clicking on time displaying panel(Omitted in video mode, it'll be added)
Added and rearranged some popup menu in playlist
When shuffle is selected, previous button will get back to the previous song(seems to be a bug, it'll be improved in the future version)
Remember that a beta version could contain some annoying bugs as well as serious. Nevertheless, it'll be really appreciated if you try the latest beta and report a bug when you find something. It's the way of communication with KMP and the reason of being survived so long. KMP has been developed since 2001.

Correspondent english language file should be located in "language folder" under the kmp folder.

Before installing it, read this thread.

Download The Latest Beta Version

另外希望作者加入PixOS 皮肤,盼望期待已久的正式版,也期待大家看到真正意义上的正式版。喜欢KMplayer的朋友 们顶呀。
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#2 | Link | Posted 05-30-2006 Quote
看来KMPlayer Build 521是最后的测试版了。期待正式版。希望能稳定些。
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#3 | Link | Posted 05-30-2006 Quote
AMD3000+, Kingstone 512x2, MSI K8N SLI, 6600GT
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#4 | Link | Posted 05-30-2006 Quote
latest 有不是last
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#5 | Link | Posted 05-30-2006 Quote
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#6 | Link | Posted 05-30-2006 Quote
-_-!, 最后一个beta版应该称为"final beta"。
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#7 | Link | Posted 06-01-2006 Quote
Originally Posted by zhang_yijun
-_-!, 最后一个beta版应该称为"final beta"。
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#8 | Link | Posted 06-01-2006 Quote
我本人觉得KMPlayer Build 521å·²ç»æ˜¯å¤Ÿç¨³å®šçš„äº †ï¼Œæ’*æ”¾çš„æ—¶å€™æ• æžœä¸é”™äº†ã€‚æ*£å¼ç ˆçš„æˆ‘å€’ä¸æ˜¯ç‰¹åˆ æœŸå¾…ï¼Œå¦‚æžœæœ‰çš„å –å°±æ›´å¥½äº†ã€‚æœ€å çš„æµ‹è¯•ç‰ˆè¿˜æ˜¯ä¸è å‡ºçŽ°äº†ï¼Œå¸Œæœ›ä¸æ –*å‡ºçŽ°æœ€æ–°çš„æµ‹è¯ ç‰ˆè¿™äº›ä¸œè¥¿ï¼ŒçœŸè šåœ°å¸Œæœ›çœ‹åˆ°KMPLAYER持 »*è¿›æ*¥ã€‚çŽ°åœ¨å®ƒä½œä ¸ºç”µè§†å¡çš„æ’*æ”¾å™ æ—¶è¿˜æ˜¯å¤ªéº»çƒ¦ï¼Œå¾ˆ å¤šåŠŸèƒ½éƒ½æ²¡æœ‰ã€‚å¦ æžœæœ‰å¯èƒ½çš„è¯ï¼Œå¸ Œæœ›ç»§ç»*åœ¨è¿™æ–¹é¢åŠ *以改进。我安装 了IZOTOPE OZONE FOR WINAMP å’ŒIZOTOPE OZONE 3.0,在æ’*æ”¾ç”µè§†èŠ‚ç› çš„æ—¶å€™å£°éŸ³æ•ˆæžœå ¾ˆå¥½ã€‚其他的æ’*æ” ¾å™¨ï¼Œæ¯”如InterVideo WinDVR 3è™½ç„¶å›¾åƒæ•ˆæžœä¸é ™ï¼Œä½¿ç”¨ä¹Ÿå¾ˆæ–¹ä¾¿ ¼Œä½†ä¸å¦‚KMPLAYERè¿™æ*·å 以持ç»*è¿›æ*¥ï¼Œå®ƒåšç š„æ˜¯å¤ªå¥½äº†ï¼Œè®©äººæ ²¡æ³•æ‰¾å‡ºå®ƒçš„ç¼ºç‚ ï¼Œä½†ä»·æ*¼å—就是不 那么友好了。

网络世界的真æ*£ç” Ÿå*˜ä¹‹é“åº”è¯¥æ˜¯å…è ¹ï¼Œå†å…è´¹ï¼å…è´¹ç š„东西比如KMPLAYERå°±æ˜ ä¸€ä¸ªç»å…¸çš„ä¾‹å*ï¼ Œå½“ç„¶å¦å¤–ä¸€ä¸ªå°±æ ˜¯æµè§ˆå™¨é¢†åŸŸçš„FIREFOX 了。
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#9 | Link | Posted 06-02-2006 Quote
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#10 | Link | Posted 06-02-2006 Quote
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