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Found a reproducible bug in kmp? Report it with detailed things.
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Join Date:  Jul 2012
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#1 | Link | Version doesn't handle .avi formats efficiently., Posted 07-15-2012 Quote
I had no problems with the previous versions, but the latest KMP won't let you skip forwards and backwards in .avi format files.

When you try to skip forward, either the sound is gone, or the video hangs/freezes and you are forced to close it through alt+del command.

Please fix this issue, I really regret updating to the latest. And no it's not the fault of the specific file as I have tried with many other .avi files and it happens on all of them.

I even tried other players such as window media and vlc and they work fine for those programs.

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Join Date:  Jul 2012
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#2 | Link | Posted 07-16-2012 Quote
Sigh so since nobody is replying, or bothering with this issue, i'm reverting back to 3.2 which plays every fortmats just fine.

Let me know if anybody else wants 3.2 cause I've saved the setup file and can send them if they wish.
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#3 | Link | Posted 07-16-2012 Quote
Thanks for reporting but don't expect a reply every time you post a bug. Developers read the bug reports but they don't use to reply (even if they are working on solving them).

We are aware of the bugs with AVI files so they will probably be fixed soon.

To avoid the bugs in 3.3 version, you can go to Preferences (F2) -> Filter control -> Source filter and change the AVI (normal and damaged) source filters, in previous versions the default value was "System default" and it will work well in 3.3 too.
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Join Date:  Jul 2012
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#4 | Link | Posted 07-18-2012 Quote
I see. Thanks i'll give that a try.
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