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#1 | Link | How to use Real/quicktime decoders in kmp, Posted 12-28-2005
There are several ways of accessing real/quicktime media.
  1. By installing real/quicktime player: The KMPlayer may not work well with the recent/higher version of QuickTime (7.2) or RealPlayer (11).
  2. By installing real/quicktime alternative (Oftenly, some people insist as if there is no problem to use 'alternative' included mpc but you should know that alternative package is an illegal stuff. Disgusting.. ): QuickTime Alternative was finally dead by the request of apple.
  3. By extracting real/quicktime decoders from its player directly; Here is the list of needed decoders which should be placed under ../The KMPlayer/ folder. (only for personal use and local media playback in your hard disk: Do not use the decoders from the recent version mentioned above)
According to the answer from real forum there is no audio with other directshow applications because real player 11 access the sound card directly. However, I don't think so because KMP has the directshow wrapper of real decoders. There must be changes in the structure of decoders shipped with the new version of real player. I am not sure if it is intentionally revised for the purpose of keeping it from using outside of real player. However, it does not work anymore as it was.

After following the above instructions, if you have any playback problem of Real Media, try other splitter in preferences | splitter | RealMedia.

cf) Why not include real decoders?

cf) Still Can't play QuickTime file.
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#2 | Link | Hi, z, Posted 04-25-2006
Hi, Z

Thanks for your fabulous work!

It seems that your old post is kind of outdated. Now Realone player is in its 2.0 version. The .dll files you provided cannot be found at all in Real player's folder. I really want to play .rm and .rmvb files without Realone player installed (because it installed bunch of junk on my computer!).

Mind giving us an update? Thanks again!
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#3 | Link | Posted 04-26-2006
The latest version number of realplayer is v10.5 Build in 02-22-2006 thereabouts, isn't it? I don't remember the exact place but if it does not exist in Real player's folder, check the folder "c:\program files\common files\..." etc.
Do to others as you would be done by. Luke 6:31
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#4 | Link | Posted 04-26-2006
Aha! Got them all in one shot. Tons of thanks, Z!
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#5 | Link | Posted 08-29-2006
At last,I got it done!
By the way, the dll files of RealPlayer are under the folder "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Real" except pncrt.dll, which is under the folder "C:\WINDOWS\system32".
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#6 | Link | Posted 02-22-2007
Thank you very much!!haha
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#7 | Link | Posted 06-26-2007
thanks for all this!!!
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#8 | Link | Posted 08-10-2007
Awesome work, many thx =)
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#9 | Link | Posted 08-30-2007
I can play quicktime without codec install.
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