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Post problems you have when using kmp.
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#1 | Link | Webcam Capture, Posted 05-16-2013 Quote
I have just discovered that KMPlayer is able to play(record) through the webcam on my laptop, and it's awesome but...

It can record video,screencapture, audio but separately, when I want to record for example myself through the webcam through the KMPlayer there is no audio. In settings audio is disabled by default so I turned it on but but microphonia (audio feedback) is getting louder and louder to that point I must turn off the KMPlayer.
How to solve this problem?
Is there any way to record a video (with audio) through the webcam from KMPlayer?
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#2 | Link | Posted 05-20-2013 Quote
Are you loading the webcam via the Open -> Setup WDM menu? If so, please post a capture of the settings that you are using.
Join Date:  Dec 2011
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#4 | Link | Posted 05-23-2013 Quote
If this are the settings you are talking about?
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